Read and Enjoy the Great Legends of the Past

The Legend of the Rainbow Wall

In a time long past, a young lad named Erinn Fail lived in the tiny village of Baile Bronach. Erinn was from kin of simple means; however, he was more cleaver than most. Yes, Erinn was always thinking and looking for ways to better himself.

One of Erinn’s favorite places in town was the old Barley. Erinn could listen to the elders in the old tavern as they drank ale and bragged of their exploits and quests. Erinn’s favorites were the stories of rainbows. Legend has it that the rainbow can be used as a bridge to the land of pixies and fairies. It was Erinn’s dream to go to this magical land and bring back treasures that would make him rich. For everyone knows that fairies and pixies have treasures a plenty. The trick was to get to their land and to find a way to bring the treasure back. Erinn thought of this constantly and reasoned that the rainbow would be the key to a successful quest.

One day, a stranger was in the tavern telling stories of leprechauns and how these fabled creatures were the guardians of the passage between our world and the fairy world. While Erinn had heard that leprechauns hide their pot of gold at the end of the rainbow he had never thought about using a leprechaun to find the portal to the fairy world. This new discovery excited Erinn and he felt more sure than ever that he would find a way to the fairy world.

After learning about a wizard in the Tuarcetha Mountains that was an expert on leprechauns, Erinn set out on his own quest. Erinn had a series of adventures finding and then befriending this wizard. The wizard ultimately teaches Erinn the Leprechaun’s secret ways.

Later, Erinn leaves the wizard to pursue his dream of finding the passage to the fairy world. Erinn uses this new knowledge to eventually find a leprechaun and trick him into showing Erinn the location of the Rainbow Wall. Through the Rainbow Wall which is the entrance to the rainbow, Erinn is able to use the rainbow to enter the magical land of the fairies and pixies. Erinn continues to use this portal to go to the land of the fairies and pixies each time bringing back magical treasures which he sells in our world and becomes rich

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